Terms & Conditions
Mindwalk aims to deal and transact with its clients in the best possible fair, ethical and professional manner. We believe in providing excellent quality services within accurate time. Any client willing to enter into a contract with us need to through the mentioned terms and conditions carefully and agree to them before entering into a deal.

User refers to any person who makes an access to our website for any purpose whether such person is a registered user with us or not. The term user may refer to that person as well as any legal organization represented by such person.

Site, here refers to the official website of Mindwalk, www.mindwalk.in, which shall be used for carrying out all its business transactions and co-ordinations in absolute compliance with legal formalities.

Contract refers to any legal document entered into by Mindwalk and the eligible parties for the provision of required services.

The below mentioned terms and conditions should be taken into consideration by every customer who wishes to enter into a deal with us.

The contract created will be an independent one between Mindwalk and the other party in accordance with legally binding practices.

The services shall be rendered to the party within the stipulated time and the payments will have to be done accordingly in reciprocation.

The contract shall not be cancelled by either party without a prior notice of a minimum of 15 days.

Any person who is not a party to the contract unless visibly stated, shall not avail any rights and benefits associated to the same.

An invoice shall be provided to the clients regarding the payments and charges, as and when the deal is completed as per your requirements and the same shall be acknowledged by the other party, the failure to which will lead to termination of services and contract as well.

The payments shall be done on such a basis, where 50% of the total amount shall be paid at the time of finalizing the agreement, and the remaining 50% shall be paid before delivery of the product or service. Proper record has to be maintained about the same.

All the content which are specified as copyrighted are not supposed to be distributed or reproduced through any means or via any platform, without the prior written consent of the owner who has such rights.

In this era of digital information and marketing, we do collect information about our clients and share them to certain parties solely for business purposes. We will take reasonable precautions to prevent loss or misuse of your personal information, but we do not provide any explicit or implicit guarantee for the same.

Mindwalk will not be responsible or liable for any data, information, or any such element which is not within our knowledge and which is beyond the control of our verification.


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