The year was 1969, the season was Autumn, and the day was a b’ful October Monday when Mind-Walk began walking its first steps. The herculean task of establishing and maintaining a strong position in cut-throat competition has been an arduous one. With each passing day, we have absorbed a new skill, and learnt a new lesson while breathing more strength into our core values and operational qualities.

Over the 50 years of service, we’ve earned the loyalty of an ensemble of strong professionals who make us proud each time we lend our hands to a project! A strong team backed by unfailing branding skills and creativity, that helps us conceive the best of ideas, is what we offer to our clients.

Offering business solutions encompassing a wide arena of services, including creative advertising, printing, Web solutions, public relations, professional photography, is our expertise. We do not shy away from divergent thinking to satisfy the needs of our clients. Having served a diverse group of industries such as Consumer, Retail, B2B, Garments, Furnishings, Automotive & so on, we can proudly say that diversity is at the core of our operations.

Compelling functionality to create lasting impressions both visually and interactively is what you’ll encounter when we join hands to invent business solutions for you!


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